Tri Protein Bodifier 9.0oz

TRI Hair Products

Tri Protein Bodifier 9.0oz
A non- aerosol spray on volumizer that also has the conditioning effect
of a leave in conditioner. Although it is suitable for all hair types,
its body building effect is especially suited to add body to fine limp
hair. Use on damp hair before blow drying and your hair will feel like
it has doubled in volume. This formulation has the perfect balance of
hydrolyzed marine collagen protein and Panthenol that adds protein and
actually becomes part of the hair, giving it a full bodied healthy
texture and increased shine. It doubles the volume of fine limp hair in a
very unique way.  Hydrolyzed collagen protein and other body building
elements attach to and surround the outside of the hair increasing the
size of the individual strands, while Panthenol a B5 vitamin expands the
diameter of each hair resulting in a substantial increase in body. The
results are immediate and the difference in the texture of your hair
will be obvious. It has a light pleasant fragrance that won’t linger
after its job is done, and the hair is left feeling clean, healthy and
well conditioned.

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