NovaLash Aftercare Kit


NovaLash Aftercare Kit

NovalLash Aftercare Kit.

NovaLash Clean Lash, NovaLash Mascara, NovaLash Lash Wand, Gift Box.

Most cosmetics contain solvents that break down lash adhesives. Use of carbonate and glycol-containing cleansers and cosmetics can cause your clients to become frustrated when the extensions fall off prematurely. NovaLash's specially formulated CleanLash conditioner/cleanser pads contain no solvents, and will ensure that your clients are properly caring for their extensions at home. With all the time and effort you invest in making your clients' lashes beautiful, you want to be sure the client is not going home and dissolving the glue with their own products. Many reputable professionals often include these kits in the price of the service to ensure happy customers.



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