Therapro Therapeutic Scalp & Hair Treatment Rinse 32oz


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Therapro Therapeutic Scalp & Hair Treatment Rinse 32oz
Therapro Therapeutic Scalp & Hair Treatment  controls a flaking and itchy scalp by re-acidifying the hair and scalp.  
It acts as a wonderful detangler while it imparts shine and moisturizes a dry scalp and hair. It is safe for color treated hair, and rinses 100% clean
Gentle Exfoliating Action takes away excess skin cell build up that may interfere with hair follicle development. European Cold Press Herbs soothe and treat a sensitive scalp. Rehydrating Conditioners restore the scalp to the proper moisture balance and reduces tightness. Proven Medication eliminates flaking and controls itching. Hydrolyzed Wheat Proteins and Natural Nutrients enhance hair shine, condition, and over all manageability. Will not weigh hair down or cause build up. Antioxidant Vitamin Complex neutralizes the development of cell destroying free radicals. UV Protectors help prevent color from fading and damage caused to the hair by UV rays. Light Water Soluble Aroma Therapy Emulsion is fit for for stress relieving, relaxing, scalp or body massaging. This product comes in multiple sizes. This is the 6 ounce treatment.

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