American Crew Precision Blend Peroxide 15Vol 450ml

American Crew

American Crew Precision Blend  Peroxide 15Vol 450ml

Four developed by American Crew specialists techniques that make the paint application a breeze and give free rein to your creativity . American Crew Precision Blend is designed specifically for men and does not develop a red tinge . The tint keeps 4-6 weeks and gradually washes out of the hair . American Crew testing indicates that no waiting time is necessary to apply a darker shade when they should have previously tinted to light . The Farbtauftrag takes about 4 minutes and the reaction time is only 5 minutes. Four tools for extracting masculine applying the paint , one for each technique . Buffing - Tupfschwamm ; Blocking - skeleton brush ; Blading - three-row hairdresser comb ; Blanketing - paintbrush THE MIXING Mix in a paint tray American Crew Precision Blend and developers ( 4.5 % ) in the ratio 1: 1 . For 2.5 cm long hair is normally sufficient , a mixture of 20 ml.

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