Best Bangs For Your Face Shape

Ysel Boller

Have you ever wonder getting a perfect fringe but doubting if it'll fit the shape of your face? Bangs helps frame your face and enhance your facial feature. If you are opting for a new look, having a new fringe is the perfect move. But this require maintenance as your hair grows half-inch per month and requires trim so that it will always be in perfect shape. aca Here are some tips that can help you decide what kind of bangs is perfect for you. Round Face.   Round face featured a same width of forehead and lower face with...

Signs You Are Having Unhealthy Hair

Ysel Boller

You are having a severe hair loss.   Believe it or not, losing a FEW hair strands is actually a good sign. Normally, we shed about 50 to 100 strands every day so the ones on your shower drain means your scalp is healthy enough to regenerate. However, if you you’re losing way too much hair, it’s probably because of stress or a medical condition, so it’s best to talk to your doctor. Prone to Breakage.   If you can hold a strand and stretch it like a rubber band without breaking, that’s a clear sign of healthy, elastic hair....

NovaLash 24 Hour Shadows.

alex burlton

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Check out the new  Novalash 24 Hour Shadows and the colors both timeless and unique.     Black Eyes of Paradise:Shades: Crystal white grape, Gardens of Paradise, Houri Liner: Cardinal Sin liner Garden of Eden Shades: Purity, Lust, Original Sin Liner: Cardinal Sin liner Earthly Delights Shades: Milk& Honey, Earth Angel, Heaven & Hell Liner: Oak liner Forbidden Fruit Shades: Chastity, Heavenly, Oxblood Liner: Oak liner Sugar Candy Mountain Shades: Angel face, Dragon Tree, Gilded Wing Liner: Cardinal Sin liner

British Fashion Awards, December 2013

Alex Burton

Sienna Miller debuted a new, pale pink hair colour, keeping her make-up simple and neutral.  

Director's Cut L'Invitation au Voyage

Alex Burton Sumptuous and elegant video that certainly brings back memories of Labyrinth, Making fashion an art.