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Combat Bad Hair day

Ysel Boller

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Do you have a meeting or a special occasion to attend today but you woke up with unruly, oily and volume less hair? Can’t figure out how to deal with this situation? Worry no more because we’ll give you helpful tips on how to deal with bad hair day.   Teased Bun If you already have a frizzy mess hair, a teased bun is great for you. Just tease your hair a bit more and swirl it around and voila! Problem solved. If you wish to survive it through the day, finish the style with ABBA Finish Spray which not...

Emergency must have: Dry Shampoo

Ysel Boller

Tags Dry shampoo, hair, hair care, hair style, oily, Osis

No time to shampoo? Need to be on your next appointment but you just hit the gym and there’s no time to style your hair and clean it? These are just some scenarios that a dry shampoo becomes handy. Dry shampoo like the Osis Refresh Dust absorbs oil, soaks up excess grease and dirt without hitting the shower and leaves your hair cleaner and fresher. It is recommended to only wash your hair 3 times a week because you can strip of the natural oils that our hair produces when you shampoo it daily and dry shampoo is great to...