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Braids Anywhere

Ysel Boller

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Hot braids that you can wear anywhere. Are you thinking of a hairstyle that is casual and elegant or lazy but chic? If you want a fun but classy hairstyle, a braid might be the perfect hairstyle for you. Braids can be consider as one of the very versatile hairstyle. You can wear it with different styles, whether it’s a casual or formal event, a braid definitely will make you proud. Here are some hot braid styles and tutorial videos that you can wear everywhere and how to do it.   Loose Side Swept Feeling lazy but you want to...

Best hairstyle for your Face Shape

Ysel Boller

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Hairstyles based on your Face Shape. Are you confused on what hairstyle best flatter your Face shape? Do you want to cut your hair but not sure if a bob or a pixie is right for you? Hairstyle are mostly about geometry and shape. It creates a frame around your face to balance and bring angle to your face. One general rule for face shape balancing is you should try to create the illusion that you have an oval shaped face. Why? Because Oval shape is the most perfect and pleasing shape. Also, almost all hairstyle is flattering on an...

Determining your Face Shape for your Hairstyle

Ysel Boller

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What’s your Face Shape? Picking the hair style for the wrong face shape can lead to disaster. Knowing your face shape saves you a lot of time thinking of how you should cut your hair. There are 6 face shapes: oval, round, long (or oblong), diamond, square and heart. Knowing which face shape you have will determine which hairstyle will flatter you most.   Oval Face Shape. You have an oval face shape if your forehead and jaw are the same width. The length of your face is equal to one and a half times width. You can also tell...

Fall 2015 Hair trend

Ysel Boller

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Fall 2015 Hair Style  Summer’s gone, meaning we can play with new look and new style for Fall. From experimental color to low profile hairstyle, we give you what’s in and hot for your hair this Fall 2015.   Play with colors. Start experimenting with colors. Daring, experimental colours are still on the top list. Try ice-blonde-to-pink fade out for a cool dramatic look. But don’t get carried away, need to make sure that when playing with colors you must give your hair an extra care to prevent damage.   Ombres are still hot, but this time bold root-regrowth are...

Emergency must have: Dry Shampoo

Ysel Boller

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No time to shampoo? Need to be on your next appointment but you just hit the gym and there’s no time to style your hair and clean it? These are just some scenarios that a dry shampoo becomes handy. Dry shampoo like the Osis Refresh Dust absorbs oil, soaks up excess grease and dirt without hitting the shower and leaves your hair cleaner and fresher. It is recommended to only wash your hair 3 times a week because you can strip of the natural oils that our hair produces when you shampoo it daily and dry shampoo is great to...