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Hairstylists Must Haves

Hairstylists Must Haves Every Hairstylist has their unique own style and technique on how they handle their clients. But they have some things in common when it comes to tools and products they carry every time they go out, with client or not. If you want to be a hairstylist or just want to be prepare for an emergency, take it from the best hair stylists list of emergency must haves.   Brush A brush or a comb is a total must have. When hair is out of place or you need to style your hair these is your best...

Biggest Hair Color Trends for 2016

Thinking of styling your hair without cutting any strand? Hair color might be the solution to your hair problem. Hair color can make magic to your locks, it can make your hair from boring to a gorgeous looking. It’s another awesome year and if you are looking for a new hair style and color, here are some of the biggest hair color trends for 2016. Ronze Take it from Eva Longoria and Rihanna. This color will make a great complement to your skin tone especially if you are a natural brunette. It will make your skin glow.     Dip Dye...

Fall 2015 Hair trend

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Fall 2015 Hair Style  Summer’s gone, meaning we can play with new look and new style for Fall. From experimental color to low profile hairstyle, we give you what’s in and hot for your hair this Fall 2015.   Play with colors. Start experimenting with colors. Daring, experimental colours are still on the top list. Try ice-blonde-to-pink fade out for a cool dramatic look. But don’t get carried away, need to make sure that when playing with colors you must give your hair an extra care to prevent damage.   Ombres are still hot, but this time bold root-regrowth are...

What's the Right Hair Color for you?

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Choosing the right hair color for you Choosing the right hair color for you is a bit tricky. From a long list of color choices to how light or dark should it be. It’s overwhelming and confusing to choose the right hair color that will compliment your look. Whatever color and style you decide, it can change your over all look. To help you decide what hair color is the right choice for you, we sum up important factors that you should consider before deciding to color your locks.   Hair color based on your skin tone. The right combination...

Taking care of Color Treated Hair

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Colored Hair Do you love coloring your hair? Transforming that natural color into a beautiful dyed hair may seem like perfection. But within that pretty color, it leaves your hair dry, dull and rough. With proper hair care and color treated products. You can have the perfect color and healthy hair.   Protecting your colored hair Avoid over washing your hair. The natural oils that your hair produce is being stripped when you wash your hair leaving it dry. It can also loose its color fast. It is better to wash your hair every other day than washing it every...