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Combat Bad Hair day

Ysel Boller

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Do you have a meeting or a special occasion to attend today but you woke up with unruly, oily and volume less hair? Can’t figure out how to deal with this situation? Worry no more because we’ll give you helpful tips on how to deal with bad hair day.   Teased Bun If you already have a frizzy mess hair, a teased bun is great for you. Just tease your hair a bit more and swirl it around and voila! Problem solved. If you wish to survive it through the day, finish the style with ABBA Finish Spray which not...

Best Celebrity Halloween Hair and Make-up

Ysel Boller

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Halloween is that time of the year that everyone is excited to dress up, be wild and scary and even celebrities can’t help but join the club. See how these celebrities transform themselves to blend in the crowd in the scare department.   Ashley Tisdale Ashley puts a little twist on Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time by putting a scary face as a zombie. With lots of powder, some wound effects and a touch of blood everywhere, Ashley rocked the look and make you want to run.   Ashley Benson With just a pair of red ribbon-wrapped pigtails and...

Awesome Halloween Hairstyles

Ysel Boller

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Thinking of a cool Halloween hairstyle that will match your costume? Halloween is just days away and can’t think of a hairstyle that will complete your look? We list down 5 hottest Halloween hairstyles that will rock your look. Pippi Longstocking Braids This cute simple and easy do can match any outfit for Halloween. With the help of some tools, in just 5 minutes you can achieve this look and making sure that it stay that way the whole day, use Milkshake Life Styling Open Air Hairspray to hold that look and looking fresh, light and completely effortless.  Check out...

How to prevent Split Ends

Ysel Boller

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Besides fighting dandruff and preventing hair loss one major hair problem is split ends. Whether you have the healthiest hair, you could not run away from split ends. Split ends happens by improper brushing, too much use of heat tools and by coloring your hair. You can take a short cut by cutting your hair but there are ways to prevent split ends without cutting that pretty locks.   Repair Products There are few products that you can use to repair and prevent split ends. Just like Bonacure Repair Rescue Sealed Ends and Sojourn Conditioner Smooth which both prevent split...

Look Younger with these Hairstyles

Ysel Boller

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Hair Styles that will make you look younger They say age is just a number, looking young and gorgeous depends on how you feel and carry yourself. There are many life hacks that you can do to look younger and having the right hairstyle is one of them. Try one of these hairstyles and see how it will automagically transform your look from grandma to hot momma.   Big bang for a nice bangs. Bangs hide those creases in the forehead. It also can also draw attention to your eyes. Go for a side-swept bangs. It frames the face creating...