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Most Popular Hairstyle of 2015

Ysel Boller

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2015 has been an interesting year for hair trendsetters and we list down the most popular hair styles that you love and would like to stay for the coming year. Sleek Whether in a low bun or just let it flow as it is, sleek hairstyle have been one of the most popular this year. From the red carpet to runways this very chic style will blow you away.   What’s the secret of getting the look? Hairspray, just like the Brocato Max Hold Hairspray it will deliver natural movement and workable hold. This great working spray provides a brushable,...

Hairstylists Must Haves

Hairstylists Must Haves Every Hairstylist has their unique own style and technique on how they handle their clients. But they have some things in common when it comes to tools and products they carry every time they go out, with client or not. If you want to be a hairstylist or just want to be prepare for an emergency, take it from the best hair stylists list of emergency must haves.   Brush A brush or a comb is a total must have. When hair is out of place or you need to style your hair these is your best...

Awesome Halloween Hairstyles

Ysel Boller

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Thinking of a cool Halloween hairstyle that will match your costume? Halloween is just days away and can’t think of a hairstyle that will complete your look? We list down 5 hottest Halloween hairstyles that will rock your look. Pippi Longstocking Braids This cute simple and easy do can match any outfit for Halloween. With the help of some tools, in just 5 minutes you can achieve this look and making sure that it stay that way the whole day, use Milkshake Life Styling Open Air Hairspray to hold that look and looking fresh, light and completely effortless.  Check out...

Best hairstyle for your Face Shape

Ysel Boller

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Hairstyles based on your Face Shape. Are you confused on what hairstyle best flatter your Face shape? Do you want to cut your hair but not sure if a bob or a pixie is right for you? Hairstyle are mostly about geometry and shape. It creates a frame around your face to balance and bring angle to your face. One general rule for face shape balancing is you should try to create the illusion that you have an oval shaped face. Why? Because Oval shape is the most perfect and pleasing shape. Also, almost all hairstyle is flattering on an...