Hairstylists Must Haves

Hairstylists Must Haves

Every Hairstylist has their unique own style and technique on how they handle their clients. But they have some things in common when it comes to tools and products they carry every time they go out, with client or not. If you want to be a hairstylist or just want to be prepare for an emergency, take it from the best hair stylists list of emergency must haves.



A brush or a comb is a total must have. When hair is out of place or you need to style your hair these is your best friend. Ergo Iconic Ceramic Round Brush is a great brush on the go, it’s design and exclusive bristle formulation delivers a new level of  faster and longer lasting shine for all hair types.


Styling Gel

To keep your style the whole day and when you need you style, styling gels are here to rescue. We found John Masters Organic Sweet Orange & Silk Protein Styling Gel handy. This alcohol-free formula has silk protein to add shine and texture to hair and natural sclerotium and arabic gums to add volume.


Leave-in Cream

Leave In Cream provides deep conditioning and manageability without weighing hair down. Just like Amika Leave In Cream, a Sea Buckthorn Berry (Obliphica) Leave In Cream with omega 7 + vitamin C that hydrates, smooths and defines for fine, medium and course hair. Free of parabens and artificial colors. Safe for color treated hair. This emergency product is a secret on-the-go potion for your hair.


Curling Iron

You have to be ready for everything, so bringing a curling Iron with you is helpful especially when a client called you immediately and you’re outside. If you want to carry a Curling Iron with style try Amika Curling Iron (Tattoo).


Flat Iron

Another tool that you would want to be in your emergency kit is Flat Iron. Just like Curling Iron, flat iron can be of great help and you can make different styles with these emergency tools. Ergo Ionic Ceramic Flat Smoothing Iron can be a perfect to go tool with its revolutionary design tool this one can fit your emergency bag.


Hair Accessories

Make sure you have some Pins, clips, scrunchies, hair bands, hair combs or any hair accessories that you can carry for emergencies. They can be very handy if you need to be more creative and elegant during emergencies.


Make sure you use quality product. Many says that they are doing it right but using products that are not effective and useful. Visit for great quality products and awesome deals.