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Ysel Boller

We gave you the best tips and tricks from hairstyles, tools and the most trending styles for 2015. Let’s go back and list down some of our favorite articles and products.

 The popular braids

Braids have been fun and popular this year. It has been widely used before and is still invading the style department with more fun style and techniques. Find out what braid styles are the easiest and hottest that you can wear everywhere here.


Dry shampoo, Emergency must have

Let’s not forget how we discover dry shampoos can be very useful for us. If you are too busy and no time to shampoo, a dry shampoo is all you need. We gave you the best tips on how to use a dry shampoo and in case you forget, let’s go back and read it here.


Changing look

We gave you some tips and tricks on how would you want to change your look. Whether you want a small or big change in your look, we got it covered. Let’s go back and recall these tips on how to change your look.


Best hairstyle for your Face Shape

It is best to know your face shape first before choosing the best hairstyle for you.  Whether you have round, oval, heart or square face shape, we list down the best hairstyle that will best flatter your face shape. Read more here to see what’s the best hairstyle for your face shape.


Taking care of color treated hair

If you love coloring your hair and looking for a product that will protect your crowning glory from damage. Check out the best product here and tips on how to take care of your color treated hair.


Bang Bangs

If you love bangs and can’t get the best one for your face shape, don’t worry because you can go back and learn more about bangs and face shape on this post last Aug. We list down the best bangs for your face shape .


Platinum Hair

Platinum hair has been popular this year. We spotted popular celebrities wearing platinum hair like Kim Kardashian, Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera.

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