Hair Icons that changed the hair game

Ysel Boller

Being a celebrity gives you the privileged of influencing a lot of people. Some just follow trends and others set them. Either it’s in fashion, make-up or hair, these people can have the whole nation follow their style even in the smallest details. Find out who marked the history for the most influential and iconic hairstyle.

Farrah Fawcett

The most infamous and still famous hairstyle is the Farrah Flip. Farrah Fawcett’s flipped layered hair became a pop culture figure. It was emulated by millions of women worldwide. The body-beautiful, bouncing locks was the most desired style of ‘70s. The look can still be seen on red carpets, catwalks and events.


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Whether it’s a major streak, floppy hair bow, short shaggy crop, Marilyn Monroe curls, center-parted boho waves Madonna will pull it off and make it a trend. But the most popular hairstyle was her “I Dream of Jeannie”-inspired updo hairstyle.


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Victoria Beckham

We know that Victoria wasn’t the first one to strut the elfin-style crop, but she was the one the who made it so popular. She rocked the world after steeping out from extension to this infamous Pob.


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 Agyness Deyn

We won’t forget that down-to-Earth appeal that you usually see in the covers of magazines especially during 2008. Turning heads with her bleach, shaggy crop style hair, it became a defining style of the decade. Created by Sam Mcknight the hair has been copied ever since even by other celebrities like  Selma Blair, pixie Geldof and Sarah Harding.


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Kate Moss

As expected, the most famous supermodel and style icon is in the list of the most influential hairstyle icon. She brought rock locks to a whole new generation. The Bed-hair has never been so desirable. Until now it has been one of the most used style since it easy and flexible that can be used to any occasion.


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 These are just some of the hair icons that marked the history of hair styles together with Gwen Stefani and her icy blonde hair, Pink for her upsweep pink hair and Tina Turner and her “electric hairstyle”. But whoever you decide to imitate, remember that you make your own style and you can own it. Just believe and be confident!

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