Victoria Secret Angel’s hair: Behind that sultry hair

Ysel Boller

Last night, one of most glamorous fashion show took place, the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. From elegant setting, sexy bodies, extravagant costumes and of course that pretty sultry hair, the Victoria Secret Fashion show is definitely one of the most awaited show every year. We all know that those angel wings and that big wavy sexy hair are the most recognizable signature of the show. We definitely can’t show you how to make that extravagant costumes but we can tell you how to achieve that angel’s hair.


Prep the hair

The secret to have that hair to be full and bouncy is to condition first before shampoo. Conditioner softens hair, but also weighs down hair. Shampooing aids swell the hair shaft and create a messy texture. For fine hair choose a basic shampoo and conditioner like Sojourn Shampoo Volume Rich formula shampoo and conditioner are harder to rinse off and can leave hair too soft and will be hard to be voluminous.



While wet, apply a body-building mousse like the Nexxus Phyto Organics Maxify Volumizing Mousse and add shine and smoothness on your hair.


Thicken up

If your hair is not thick enough and a bit short to get that volume, clip up an extension. Then spritz a finishing spray like Onesta Workable Finishing Spray all over your hair to help it hold the curls you’re about to make.


Make the Waves

Curl your hair all overusing one-inch sections. Make sure to curl the pieces that fall along your hairline away from your face. We love Amika Curling Iron, which is a fast styling curling iron and features a non-stick coating which is perfect for styling.


Back Brushing

Let down your hair and start back brushing it with a boar bristle brush. This will help make your hair look fuller, bigger and messy in a sexy way.


Finish it up

Finish off with a flexible hold hairspray like the OSIS Elastic hairspray. This hairspray will stretch your hair to the limit. Your hair will bounce right back and will have a great variety of finish.


Congratulations! Wear that locks with pride and confidence! For more great products and deals visit