Best Celebrity Halloween Hair and Make-up

Ysel Boller

Halloween is that time of the year that everyone is excited to dress up, be wild and scary and even celebrities can’t help but join the club. See how these celebrities transform themselves to blend in the crowd in the scare department.


Ashley Tisdale

Ashley puts a little twist on Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time by putting a scary face as a zombie. With lots of powder, some wound effects and a touch of blood everywhere, Ashley rocked the look and make you want to run.


Ashley Benson

With just a pair of red ribbon-wrapped pigtails and giant eyelashes, Ashley Benson turned the horror character Annabelle into a gorgeous ode.


Ellettra Weidemann

If you are looking for a creepy look, this look by Ellettra Wiedemann is the perfect choice. With a creative yet scary make-up and a deep side part teased tresses and some accessories the look will be complete. Don’t forget to hold that hair with Amika Touchable Hairspray. An extra dry spray that will give you a strong hold that last and last.


Heidi Klum

It may not be scary as it looks but Heidi Klum pulled of this 95-year-old version of herself.


Iggy Azalea

Iggy accessorized her evil costume as Cruella Deville. From hair to shoes she definitely portrayed the character, and don’t forget that accessory, the Dalmatian dog. Get that big scary but gorgeous hair by styling it with Osis Session Label Strong Hold Hairspray which not only will give you that hair but will also retains a natural clean feel along with strong style hold.


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