Halloween Party must haves

Ysel Boller

Do you want to throw the best Halloween party of the year? Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays of the year because of the costumes, drinks, foods and you can be creative in any way you want. Preparing for this exciting day can be challenging but fun. If you still don’t have the party must haves, you’re in the right place. We listed down some spooktacular tips to make your party the most memorable this year.



Throwing your own party is a lot of work. Help yourself to save time by choosing a theme for your party so it will be easy for you to choose the decoration, food and costumes. You can get creative and think of something unique for a theme or go traditional by letting your guests choose whatever costume they want.



A party wouldn’t be complete without a decoration. Decorate your place according to your theme. A Halloween garland would be a nice start.


Be creative and transform your pumpkin into a beverage cooler.


It may take a lot of effort and patience but Chicken Wire Ghosts can be creepy and perfect for a Halloween party. You can put them on the front door or on your backyard.



Halloween inspired foods can spice up your party. Bloody Poison Punch or a swamp punch can be a great idea for your drinks. You can make your own boo brownies too or mummy dogs. To make your food choices more creepy add witch fingers to your menu.


Fun Activities

Avoid boredom by adding some party games. A classic fall party game called Bobbing for Apples can get pretty competitive. Make it more thrilling for adults by adding “blood” (water dyed red), make it more by the theme, you can use worms, gummy spiders or skeleton instead of apples. A mummifying contest can also be fun by wrapping each other with toilet paper. You can also think of you own fun creative games that you know your guests will enjoy.


Spooky Playlist

Mix some fun, upbeat music with some Halloween touches to keep your guests entertained and partying until morning!


Play the part

Of course your party won’t be complete without the host. Impress your guests with a nice costume and Halloween hairstyle. If you are thinking of sexy head turner costume try these Poison Ivy hair and make-up tutorial or check out these awesome Halloween Hairstyles.


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