Look Younger with these Hairstyles

Ysel Boller

Hair Styles that will make you look younger

They say age is just a number, looking young and gorgeous depends on how you feel and carry yourself. There are many life hacks that you can do to look younger and having the right hairstyle is one of them. Try one of these hairstyles and see how it will automagically transform your look from grandma to hot momma.


Big bang for a nice bangs.

Bangs hide those creases in the forehead. It also can also draw attention to your eyes. Go for a side-swept bangs. It frames the face creating a youthful and downright look.


Classic bob for a modern look.

A classic bang gives the face an instant lift. Go for an angled bob which creates an illusion of lifted cheekbones and higher jaw. This is best if your face is starting to sag. But don’t get carried away, make it too short and the style will look messy. It is best if you blow dry to create a bob’s trademark polish. Make sure to use Amika Heat Defense Serum before heating the blow dryer. It has omega 7 + vitamin C that smooths and protects against heat styling for all hair types.


Layer is prettier.

Layers create fullness and volume. You can also accent your best facial features with layers depending where the length of the layer falls. If you want to highlight your cheekbones or your beautiful jawline make sure that your layers fall on that part. Layers add breadth to your face, countering gauntness. Create definition to highlight choppy pieces. Apply OSIS Buff Styling Cream after blow-drying creating definition to highlight choppy pieces. It also contain conditioning ingredients like Aloe Vera and Panthenol which is suited for daily use.


The Ponytail.

Layer gives you the sophisticated and girlish look. When tied back neatly, it can act as mini-facelift. It also helps smooth the skin around the eyes and forehead and highlight the cheekbone. Using Osis Freeze Pump Strong Hold Pump keep that style and create a long-lasting, moldable hold. It also has resins that blocks out humidity and allow hair to be reshaped after spraying.


Remember whatever style you choose, how you carry the style is the key. Age doesn’t matter, be confident on what you look and wear it proudly.

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