How to Prevent Hair Loss

Ysel Boller

Hair Loss: Its cause and how to prevent it

Both men and women suffer from hair fall, but we all know that women take it more seriously than men. For most women, their hair is their crowning glory. It defines their overall look, style and personality. There are many reasons why hair fall happens. Physical stress, lack of protein, heredity, aging and over styling are just some of the reasons why we lose hair. Although there are no promises that we can prevent hair fall, with proper hair care, we can help our hair stay in the best condition and not saying good bye to you head soon.


Regularly wash hair with mild shampoo.

Keep your hair and scalp clean to prevent hair loss. Mild shampoos like Label M Gentle Cleansing Shampoo rebalances moisture levels. It is gentle but effectively cleanses hair and rebalances moisture, boost body and add shine. Do not comb your hair while it’s wet which can lead to hair breakage and fall.


Choosing the right brush.

Brushing your hair can make a big difference on the state of your hair. Soft brush is most recommended that has natural fibers. Brush your hair from underside out not from the top down. Wash your brush frequently because dirt can build up. Remember to be gentle and don’t brush your hair while it’s wet, use a comb instead.


Use the right shampoo.

Shampooing your hair is essential to keep it healthy and strong. Get the full benefit of shampoos by taking time to find the right one for your hair type. Whether if you have dry, normal, oily or fine hair there are shampoos that are specifically for your hair type. If you have dandruff you can use shampoos that fights dandruff like the Therapro Solv-X Oily Scalp & Hair Treatment Shampoo, which removes extreme oil and cell buildup. Or if you love coloring your hair, take care of that colored treated hair by using shampoos like Tri Hydrating Shampoo w/ Color Protectors which cleanses and not abrasive to hair which prevents hair breakage or hair fall.


Scalp massage.

Relax your scalp with a massage. Try egg oil and massage it to your scalp. This increases blood flow to the surface of the skin and your hair follicles. It warms the skin and boost circulation which gives plenty of nutrients from the oil and maximizes hair growth potential. A scalp massage not only relaxes your scalp but also relaxes you which help your overall body function.


Healthy lifestyle.

By living in the right lifestyle, your body will thank you and reward you with great benefit including healthy hair.

  • Including high-protein foods in your diet may help cut down hair loss. Foods like lean meat, soy and fish contains high protein.
  • Reduce Stress to reduce hair loss. One way to fight stress is meditation. It can bothe reduce stress and restore hormonal balance. You can take your stress out by regular exercise, try boxing and hit that punching bag until you’re stress fee!


Know when to consult a doctor. It is important to know when your hair loss is more serious than usual. Consult a doctor if you think that you are losing hair unusually.

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