Best hairstyle for your Face Shape

Ysel Boller

Hairstyles based on your Face Shape.

Are you confused on what hairstyle best flatter your Face shape? Do you want to cut your hair but not sure if a bob or a pixie is right for you?

Hairstyle are mostly about geometry and shape. It creates a frame around your face to balance and bring angle to your face. One general rule for face shape balancing is you should try to create the illusion that you have an oval shaped face. Why? Because Oval shape is the most perfect and pleasing shape. Also, almost all hairstyle is flattering on an oval face shape.

After determining what your face shape is, it’s time to discover what hairstyles are best for you.

Round Face shape.

Long hair is dazzling on round faces because it lengthens the face. You can add layers on that long locks. Make sure that the shortest layer should never be above your earlobe.


To create angles on a round face, long side swept bangs is perfect.


Short hairstyles also flatter a round face, they are great to give illusion of a narrower face shape.


Oval Face shape.

Congratulations! You have the most versatile face shape. You can wear almost any hairstyle you want. You’ll look best with layers near on whatever feature you want to highlight. Don’t cover that beautiful face shape, wear it with pride. 


Long or Oblong Face Shape Face.

Most perfect haircut for a long face shape is shoulder length. Straight across bangs with side parts work best. Create a perfect wave by using Amika Curling Iron which is a fast styling curling iron and features a non-stick coating, perfecto achieve the width that will compliment your face shape. Long bob also flatters this shape. Stay away from long straight hair because it drags your face down.


Diamond Face Shape.

If you have a diamond face shape you need to balance a narrow chin, minimize narrow cheek bones and shorten the overall length. To achieve this, go for a hairstyle that add width at the chin area such as bob cuts or shoulder length. Show off that wonderful cheek bone by tucking hair behind ears.


Straight across bang also work well to shorten long faces as will side parts. Avoid short hairstyles with height on top and ones without bangs.


Square Face Shape.

Square face shape looks best in flat ironed long locks. It hides the sharp edges of your jaw line and compliments and will compliment your cheekbone. Try using Ergo Ionic Ceramic Flat Smoothing Iron for a great straight finish and gives you that long lasting shine, it also has a rounded body design to fit all hand sizes and dissipates heat. Make sure that you use Osis Flatliner Flat Iron Hair Serum first to protect that pretty locks.


Heart Face Shape

Side swept bangs are the best hairstyle for heart shape face. It balance out the face and draw attention down and towards the eye.


Pixie hairstyles also look great on heart-shaped faces. It help emphasize the eyes and cheekbones.


A bob with a bit of wave also flatters a heart shaped face.

Remember whatever hairstyle you choose, always take care of that locks and choose the right hair care products for you. Discover great products at