Determining your Face Shape for your Hairstyle

Ysel Boller

What’s your Face Shape?

Picking the hair style for the wrong face shape can lead to disaster. Knowing your face shape saves you a lot of time thinking of how you should cut your hair. There are 6 face shapes: oval, round, long (or oblong), diamond, square and heart. Knowing which face shape you have will determine which hairstyle will flatter you most.


Oval Face Shape.

You have an oval face shape if your forehead and jaw are the same width. The length of your face is equal to one and a half times width. You can also tell if you have a curvilinear shape.


Well, well, congratulations, you’ve landed the most versatile face shape. You can wear almost any hairstyle.

 Round Face Shape.

Circular face shape. The length is approximately equal to width. Your jaw is slightly rounded than angular. Round faces have soft features and full cheeks.


If you have round face, you may want to make your face appear longer and slimmer and less round.

 Long or Oblong Face Shape.

Face is longer that it is wide and has long straight cheek line.


Great haircuts for long or oblong face shapes are the one that doesn’t drag down the face, however adds width.

Diamond Face Shape.

If your forehead and jawline are narrow, you have a diamond face shape. Your cheekbones are wide and high.


Hairstyles that look great on a diamond face shapes also look good on a square face shapes.

Square Face Shape.

The width of the forehead, cheekbones and jaw are equal. Sharp, angular features with a sharp jawline belongs to a square face shape.


You’re lucky to be in line with some of the most famous faces like Demi Moore, Keira Knightley, Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie.

 Heart Face Shape.

Heart shaped face has a wider forehead and gently narrow down at the jawline. They usually have pointy chin just like Jennifer Lopez.


Now that you figured out your face shape, find out what hairstyle is best for your face shape.

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