Wonders of hairspray

Ysel Boller

Hair Spray tips and tricks

When you love experimenting with different hairstyle, a hairspray is definitely a must. It helps hold your hair on place and keep them that way for a period of time. If you are going to a party, attending a family event or even just going out and meeting your friends and want to (hair) dress to impress, a hairspray can be handy. There are different types of hairspray that corresponds your needs, but do you know how to use and apply them properly? We list down important tips and tricks on how to apply hairsprays effectively.


Keep a distance.

Hairsprays like TRI Control and Finishing Mist prevent hair strands from sticking with each other. To get the full benefit of the product you must hold the spray nozzle at least 12” away from your hair and keep the spray in constant motion. You can apply hairsprays on both dry and wet hair. Make sure that you brush the spray through your hair immediately to your desired position or style because most of the hair sprays dry quickly.

 Hair Spray

Note to sensitive hair.

Most hair sprays contains alcohol which dries the hair and scalp. Apply spray only on your hair ends if you are one of the few who reacts on these products. You can also use products that are friendly for hair types or sensitive skin like the TRI Aerogel Styling Spray.

 Hair Spray

Waves and Curls.

If you want a little curves, spray hair on your pre-dried hair. Use your flat iron, curling iron or heated rollers to style your hair.  Then apply some more hairspray to give your hair a hold and maintain in shape. Make sure to use hairsprays that are formulated to help prevent damage to your hair when styling especially from hot tools like the Brocato Cloud 9 Hotshape Miracle Repair

 Hair SPray

Control Oily hair.

If you have oily hair, hide fringes that appear oily by using hair spray. Apply small amount of spray on the freshly washed hair over a round brush to the hair away from the skin. Also, don’t use sprays that are designed to provide shine.


Use  Hair Spray wisely.

Excessive use of hair spray can dry and make your hair look dull. Give your hair some break sometimes from styling and tools. If you really need to use hair styling products often make sure that not only they will style your hair but will also protect and keep it from damage. Visit for more hairspray products that will help you manage and protect your hair.