Getting that Luscious Eyelashes

Ysel Boller

Luscious Eyelashes

If you are a fan of mascaras and eyelash extensions, you need to know what look you are after before buying anything. Do you want length? Do you need it to be thicker? Or you need it both? There are different eyelash mascaras out there that can answer all your needs. The key to achieving that luscious lash is using the right product and proper care. Follow these rules on what you should do to your eyelashes to achieve that luscious lashes.


Eyelash Curlers.

Whether you have straight or curly lashes, Eyelash Curlers is a must. Curling your lashes brightens up your eyes. It gives you that “WOW” factor. Make sure to curl your eyelash before you applying mascara.


Wait until its set.

Give your mascaras time to breath before applying another coat. This will allow the mascara to set and blend upon each coating and to avoid clumps. If you want a little length you can apply the second coat just on the tips of your lashes to give it more length.

Layering your Mascara.

Layering Mascara depends on your preference. Some make-up artists don’t recommend using different mascaras. Some formulas don’t mix well and will build clumps. But there are formulas that creates a great combination and finish.  


Avoid those clumps.

Prevent those spidery clumps by using a lash comb. After applying your mascara brush your lashes with a lash comb. Remember to wait for a few seconds to brush through your lashes.


Clean, condition and treat your lashes well.

Eyelashes needs a little tender care. Just like your hair, it needs to be cleaned and conditioned. Use eye make-up remover or a remover pad just like Novalash’s CleanLash Makeup Remover Pads. It’s a 3-in-1 conditioner, cleanser and make-up remover which not only removes dirt and make-up but also condition and restore moisture.

 Make-up remover and Eyelash cleaner

Getting that luscious lashes doesn’t need a lot of effort. Just make sure to use the right product and tender loving care of your lashes. Visit to discover great beauty care product and great discounts!