What's the Right Hair Color for you?

Ysel Boller

Choosing the right hair color for you

Choosing the right hair color for you is a bit tricky. From a long list of color choices to how light or dark should it be. It’s overwhelming and confusing to choose the right hair color that will compliment your look. Whatever color and style you decide, it can change your over all look. To help you decide what hair color is the right choice for you, we sum up important factors that you should consider before deciding to color your locks.


Hair color based on your skin tone.

The right combination of skin tone and right hair color can complement your entire look. Knowing the right color of your veins can help you define what your skin tone is. Stand where natural light hits your skin. By looking at your wrist, determine what color your veins look like through your skin. If you see a blueish colored vein, then your undertone is cool. If your veins look like green, your undertone is warm.


Considering eye color.

Our eye color defines our facial features. Ideally, the right hair color that will compliment your face must have the same hue as your eye color. If you have brown or hazel eyes, shades of brown will be great for you. If you have blue or grey eyes, colors with light gold or ash works well.. If you choose a hair color that is in tone with your eye color, the combination of your hair color and eye color will have a blended natural look. If you want a more dramatic overall look, choose a strong contrast between your hair color and skin tone.


Treat them well.

Either you choose to go bold or natural, you must remember that you need to protect and take care of your hair to maintain that color. Taking care of that color treated hair is essential so you won’t dry out and damage your hair. Products like Tri Hydrating and Color Protector help you protect your hair and maintain its color at the same time.


Don’t be scared to experiment with colors, but keep in mind that you have to give your hair a little care so it will pay you back with pleasure. Visit to discover great products and deas.