Taking care of Color Treated Hair

Ysel Boller

Colored Hair

Do you love coloring your hair? Transforming that natural color into a beautiful dyed hair may seem like perfection. But within that pretty color, it leaves your hair dry, dull and rough. With proper hair care and color treated products. You can have the perfect color and healthy hair.


Protecting your colored hair

Avoid over washing your hair.

The natural oils that your hair produce is being stripped when you wash your hair leaving it dry. It can also loose its color fast. It is better to wash your hair every other day than washing it every day. If you like to refresh during your no wash day, you can use dry shampoo like Aloxxi Colour Care Dry Shampoo. It cleans and refreshes hair without leaving a heavy residue. It also has UV protectants which protects you from the outside heat and extend the life of your hair color.


Use the right products.

Using the right shampoo, conditioners and other hair color products is essential if you want to maintain that perfect healthy colored hair. Products like Lanza Healing Color Care Color-Preserving Shampoo, Tri Hydrating Shampoo w/ Color Protectors and Peter Coppola, Color Control Conditioner which helps your hair protects and maintain its beauty.



Guard your hair from heat.

Minimize the use of heat styling tools like curling irons, flat irons and blow-dryers. Colored hair is much more prone to damage so you have to take extra care. Use heat-protective products like Amika Heat Defense Serum. It has Vitamin C that smooths and protects against heat styling.


Remember that with great beauty comes great responsibility. To maintain you hair’s glow you have to use the right product and proper hair regimen. Visit to discover beneficial hair products.