Taking care of your Waves and Curls

Ysel Boller

Curls and Wave 

Taking care of your curls and waves is very important. It may look envious but curvy hair is somehow difficult to deal with and uncooperative. With a bit of work these curls can be consistently fab and healthy.


Conditioning is the key.

Number one priority for curly hairs is conditioning. Regular brushing of curly hairs is not recommended, which is why they don’t get the natural scalp oils that helps moisturize hair. Conditioning help your curls maintain its moisture and glam like the Curly Sexy Hair, Sulfate-Free Curl Defining Conditioner

 Styling Products.

When you use styling products make sure that your curls also benefits from them like the ABBA Curl Finish, a finishing hairspray that locks in soft curls, manageability and a healthy shine. Another great product that can transform your lifeless curls and waves into a perfect define, natural-looking swirls is the Brocato Curlkarma. It leaves hair feeling super soft and full of shine.


Apply while hair is wet.

Applying products straight out of the shower traps the moisture and will get you thick, moisture-rich curls.

Brush or Comb.

Wide-toothed combs are best recommended for curvy hairs, but not all brush can be disastrous for your hair. Vented brushes like the Ergo 25mm Ionic Ceramic Rund Brush are usually fine for waves, with proper care and only using it when your hair is still wet.


Embrace your curls because not all of us can get those natural sexy curves. Love them by regularly using products that will protect and moisturize them like the products at Find numerous defining products and deals that you’ll surely enjoy and love.