Why use Deep Conditioners?

Ysel Boller

Why you need Deep Conditioners

If you love to explore different styles, colors and products for your hair, there is a possibility that your hair will get tired and dry out. This is where deep conditioning is necessary. Deep conditioners restores your hair’s moisture and body. It also helps to reconstruct weak and damaged hairs. With proper application and regular use, you will definitely see the difference of using deep conditioners.


Finding the right deep conditioner

Finding the right type of deep conditioner for your hair needs is essential.

  • For weak, damaged hair try ABBA Recovery Conditioner which helps reconstruct your hair. It has protein formula and other botanical ingredients that helps rebuild your hair’s structure making it strong and healthy.

  • If you love coloring your hair, Bonacure Color Save Conditioner is the one you’ll want to have in your hair care regimen. An emulsion Conditioner for daily use which gives perfect colour maintenance. It also protects hair against colour fade.




Wash, Apply and Set it in.

Shampoo first before applying the deep conditioner to your hair. Begin at the mid part of your hair then move towards the tips of your hair. Then spread the remaining products on your hands from the roots to tips. It’s best to use a wide-toothed comb to distribute the product.


Let it set in.

Most deep conditioners suggests to let the product set in for a couple of minutes. This ensures the product’s effectiveness.


Heat it up.

Some deep conditioners recommend to use hair dryers to heat up the product, which can help absorb the product easily and make it more effective and beneficial. You can use a hair dryer but make sure that it’s on low setting and doesn’t get too hot. You can also use a plastic cap or a hot damp towel for alternative use.


Rinse it well.

After heating and letting the product set it. Rinse the product well with cool water. This way it will tighten the hair shaft and make it look shiny. After rinsing, towel dry your hair gently and voila! You have a bouncy, shiny and well-conditioned hair.


Make sure to let the product stay on your hair for a while. Giving it time to do its wonders on your hair. Wait a few days before shampooing your hair. More great deep conditioners for different hair type at