Emergency must have: Dry Shampoo

Ysel Boller

No time to shampoo? Need to be on your next appointment but you just hit the gym and there’s no time to style your hair and clean it? These are just some scenarios that a dry shampoo becomes handy. Dry shampoo like the Osis Refresh Dust absorbs oil, soaks up excess grease and dirt without hitting the shower and leaves your hair cleaner and fresher.

It is recommended to only wash your hair 3 times a week because you can strip of the natural oils that our hair produces when you shampoo it daily and dry shampoo is great to use between no wash days. Just a spray of dry shampoo can refresh, add fullness and texture to hair. You can even use it as a styling product as it helps your hair to stay in place.

How to use Dry Shampoo

Choose the perfect dry shampoo for you.

There are two forms of dry shampoo, powder or a dry spray-on just like the Osis Refresh Dust dry shampoo which will helps your hair stay fresher for a long time.



Remove any hair accessories.

Prepare your hair and remove any hair accessories like hair bands, hair pins and hair clips. This way you will evenly apply your dry shampoo and comb your hair before applying to make sure that there are no tangles.


Apply and let it settle.

Make sure to hold the spray bottle 6 inches away from your head before spraying the product so you can apply it evenly and prevent build up. To make sure that the dry shampoo is evenly distributed, you can brush your hair from roots to tip. Wait until 5-10 minutes for the dry shampoo to absorb the oil from your hair. For excess shampoo, turn your head upside down and brush them all out.



Remember that you still have to intermittently wash your hair to keep it clean. Our scalp collects pollutants from air and hair products and dry shampoos offers minimal cleansing and best for emergency situations. Visit to discover great products and great deals.