How to Fight Dandruff

Ysel Boller

Embarassing Dandruff
Have those itchy embarrassing white flakes on your head? Want to know the cause of Dandruff and how to prevent these?
Those dry, white flakes you see and brush off your hair and shoulders is harmless and not contagious yet embarrassing. There are couple of reasons why Dandruff happens and worsen.

Seborrhoeic dermatitis which is a common skin condition that causes oily skin that leads to Dandruff. Another reason why Seborrhoeic Dermatitis takes place is that the skin cells grow and die off too fast.
Sensitivity. Sensitivities to some ingredients in hair care products, especially paraphenylenediamine, can be source of itchy, scaly scalp and redness. Too much shampoo or using excessive styling products may also irritate your scalp that can lead to Dandruff.
Dry skin. Another common cause of Dandruff is Dry Skin. Cold and dry winters may also trigger and worsen Dandruff.
Stressed or sick. Our body produces substances called glucocorticoids which makes us calm down. Glucocorticoids can change the production of the cells on our scalp which potentially leaving us vulnerable to  Malassezia which leads to Seborrhoeic dermatitis.
Treating Dandruff
Anti-Dandruff shampoos and products. There are different types of anti-dandruff shampoos that can be found mostly from pharmacists and supermarkets. Ingredients that you must look for to help control Dandruff are Salicylic acid, Zinc pyrithione, Selenium sulfide and Ketoconazole. You can also use treatment products like the Therapro X-folate Persistent Dandruff/Psoriasis Treatment which treats persistent dandruff and psoriasis, controls flaking and itchy scalp, and soothes inflammation and irritated scalps. Another product that can help you prevent and control Dandruff is the Therapro Solv-X Oily Scalp & Hair Treatment Shampoo which removes extreme oil and cell buildup. This oil control shampoo contains natural astringents with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-allergenic properties.

Creams. Cortisone creams and antifungal cream are to additional medication that can prevent Dandruff.

Make sure you practice proper and healthy hygiene and take care of your hair to prevent embarrassing flakes fall off your shoulder. You can find great hair care products at that you can use to prevent this to happen.