How to Volumize Thin and Fine Hair

Ysel Boller

People with fine hair can relate how difficult it is to volumize and give life to limp stubborn hair.

With proper use of Shampoo and some Conditioning products, you can definitely lift those roots that can give you a healthy looking hair. Here are some doable and amazing tips to give life to your thin flat mane.


Volumizing Shampoo.

There are shampoos that is specifically formulated to lift the roots of your hair. This will definitely give your hair a volumized lift and will be looking healthy all through out the day. Try using ABBA Pure Volume Shampoo it is a natural solution for reviving fine, limp hair. The energizing combination of neutral henna and grapefruit extracts helps to deliver volume, strength and shine to lifeless hair.       

Blow-dry Upside Down.

It can definitely help a lot to lift your roots when letting your hair dry upside down using a medium hot blow dryer. But before anything else, you don't want to damage your hair by religiously using hot tools just to get that volume you are aiming for. Always prevent your hair from damage and by that you need to use a product that can protect your hair from hot tools you use every single day. Like the Style Sexy Hair 450 Protect Heat Defense Hot Tool Spray Heat defense hot tool spray that leaves hair smooth and shiny. An anhydrous spray that not only helps straighten hair faster but protects from heat and conditions hair while using a flat iron. Anhydrous means it’s a water-less formula that’s also humidity resistant, so hair stays sleek and beautiful longer.


Switch your Hair Parting.

Not only it can give you a new look, but it can definitely give you an instant lift. Since your hair is not used to the new part, for example - your hair is used to center part and then you switch to side part, then it will definitely be lifting your roots to a brand new level.

Curling Iron is Your New Bestfriend.

Curling your hair can definitely give you that instant "omph". Don't worry on loosing the curls few hours later, it will still have the wavy volumized look. This can give the illusion of thick and far from flat hair.

Brushing Upwards.

Teasing too much can damage you hair. Your goal here is to give a "woke up like this" look. Just like what your hair look when you wake up in the morning with that "Bed Head" look. So to achieve this, lightly brush your hair in opposite direction, be careful not to over do it or you'll end up looking like a poodle. 

You can reinvent some techniques to lift your roots to add some volume but always make sure not to jeopardise the health of your hair and always take extra great care of your hair. You can find beneficial products that can volumize your hair from natural to products with added special treatment only at