Ways to Make Your Fine Hair Super Fine

Ysel Boller

Having a fine hair is not about having a literally "Fine" one. Fine hair comes with a lot of flaws that can be a challenging part when you have this type of mane. It could be a baby-fine strands, wavy ends, a wind blow can instantly ruin your hair and so much more. We are here to give some tips to easily manage a stubborn fine hair that goes flat all the time.

Tease before styling.

Tease your hair before pulling up in a ponytail especially around the crown. This can give you the height and the illusion of a volumous hair.


Texturising Spray.

It adds volume and style without that heavy feeling. Spray in between strands to give you that bed-head look. 

Try Neuma neuStyling Texturizer it adds touchable texture to your tresses with NEUMA neuStyling Texturizer. The lightweight lotion helps you mold and style your strands, creating a smooth, frizz-free look that lasts. Green algae extract fortifies and replenishes moisture while apricot oil enhances shine and improves manageability.


Don't wash your hair too much.

Aside from damaging your hair if you shampoo on a daily basis, it can strip natural oil and natural volumizer. If you want to have a sleek clean hair everyday, you might as well consider using a Dry Shampoo instead of a regular shampoo too keep that volume intact. And a regular wash every other 2 days to wash off the grease.

Spray some on your Bobby pins.

Add hair spray on your Bobby pins to avoid slipping off from your hair and to keep that hair do all through out the day.


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