Best Bangs For Your Face Shape

Ysel Boller

Have you ever wonder getting a perfect fringe but doubting if it'll fit the shape of your face?

Bangs helps frame your face and enhance your facial feature. If you are opting for a new look, having a new fringe is the perfect move. But this require maintenance as your hair grows half-inch per month and requires trim so that it will always be in perfect shape.


Here are some tips that can help you decide what kind of bangs is perfect for you.

Round Face.


Round face featured a same width of forehead and lower face with prominent cheeks. A Side Swept Bangs can elongate your face thus giving an illusion of slimmed facial feature. A blunt bangs is a no-no for round face.

Tip: Use a volumizer to avoid flat and lifeless bangs. Because long side-swept fringe tend to absorb oils in the face and will definitely lie flat on your face if you don't lift those roots. Use a blow dryer while working on those roots and spray some volumizing products such as the Brocato -Volumizing Tonic Spray it is a Non-aerosol volumizer for use on all hair types that require extra thickness, volume and fullness. This product contains ingredients that help shield hair from sun and other harmful elements.

Square Face.


If you have a square face therefore you have an angular jawbone and hairline. The best fringe for you is a Full bangs or a blunt fringe. As a guide, use the top of your eyebrow arch to the other eyebrow arch, but not any farther. 

Oval Face.


Forehead width and lower face are the same, with longer sides of the face. Well, for oval-faced you are lucky enough that you can wear any kind of fringe. From long fringe to full bang can be your new look without looking odd.

Heart Shape.


You have a narrow chin and a wider forehead. And what you need to enhance your feature is a long fringe that hit the below the cheek. This will give a longer face illusion. 

As we all know, fringes can be high maintenance when it comes to styling as it tends to go all over our face if we fail to use the appropriate products and styling tools. In Voodoo Hair Co. we got you covered and all the styling tools and products that you need to manage that new cute fringe of yours can be found at