Signs You Are Having Unhealthy Hair

Ysel Boller

You are having a severe hair loss.


Believe it or not, losing a FEW hair strands is actually a good sign. Normally, we shed about 50 to 100 strands every day so the ones on your shower drain means your scalp is healthy enough to regenerate. However, if you you’re losing way too much hair, it’s probably because of stress or a medical condition, so it’s best to talk to your doctor.

Prone to Breakage.


If you can hold a strand and stretch it like a rubber band without breaking, that’s a clear sign of healthy, elastic hair. However, if you find that your hair breaks easily, it means you’ve got to stay away from heat, poor diet, and brushes (especially when your hair is wet).

Tangled Hair.


Do you always end up freeing your brush from the tangle of mess on your head? Chances are, your hair shafts are dry and unhealthy, causing the bristles to snag. If your hair is smooth from the shafts to the ends, you won’t have to fight for the right to comb it, at least!

Sticky Hair During Rainy Days.


A smooth hair 'do even during rainy days is a clear sign of healthy hair. Our tresses—no matter what type—love moisture, so humidity shouldn't mean a bad hair day. If you have a problem with your frizzy mane, double check your shampoo and conditioner; they might not be the right product for your hair type.

Itchy Scalp.


You’re not Elsa (as much as you want to be her), so the snowflakes on your shoulders are definitely something that should bother you. Healthy hair can only be achieved with a healthy scalp, so if you’re suffering from dryness and flaking, that could mean you don’t wash well enough, you’re too stressed, or most probably, you’re using the wrong shampoo.

In order to have a healthy root to tips, you also need to treat you hair with appropriate product that can help keep your  hair healthy and prevent from breakage. In Voodoo Hair Co., we have natural and organic lines of hair care products that can give your mane the healthy crowning glory. Find us at