Make this summer great with Cloud 9 Treatment

alex burlton

I’ve been using Cloud 9 Treatment for awhile now and I am very in love with it. The treatment is like what you’d compare to a conditioner by the look and the feel of it. Why I love it is because of many reasons. My hair is generally flat and dry, but I noticed ever since I’ve been using this… it’s less flat and less dry. Apparently this treatment is meant to give a punch of moisture to your hair, and I can definitely see the difference so far. That’s one of my main reasons why I love it! Another reason is generally when you use conditioner – I don’t know if it’s just me – but I have the impression of the larger amount of conditioner you use, the smoother your hair will get; with the Cloud 9 Treatment, I’ve only been using a really small amount (half dollar size?) yet even so, it can completely cover my entire head leaving my hair extra smooth. Not only that, the smell of the Cloud 9 Treatment is great too, and not overwhelming.When I first started using this product, I thought like most other conditioners that I’ve used that it would leave my hair too moisturized making my hair look oily and greasy. Thank goodness this was not the case. In fact, my hair just looks shinier and more smooth, and even feels smooth. I am actually very happy with this product.The treatment is only 1 part of the Cloud 9 Miracle Repair System and what they’re all formulated to do is make your hair healthier and stronger. This Treatment is equipped with healing nutrients, plant proteins, and UV protect so your hair does well in rain or shine. How you use this treatment is a little different from a regular conditioner though, this is because with the Cloud 9 Treatment, you leave it in your hair for 2 – 3 minutes and then rinsing it out completely. It’s what you’d call a “leave-in conditioner”.